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What can I offer you? Why should you pick me, Lajos Tóth to be your sponsor? The field of international online sales is where I am the most successful, and this is the path I want to keep on following. So if this is the form of network building you are interested in, I can help you. I have quite an insight into what online tools you need to build a successful business from scratch. Currently I have active DXN colleagues in more than 12 countries, (Hungary, Dubai, Pakistan, Italy, England, USA, France, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece) and I have 7 Star Agent and 1 Star Ruby level colleagues, too. My current group consists of more than 170 people. I mainly joined DNX to do business, but now I can say – without any bias and on behalf of my family, too – that we grew to like the products containing Ganoderma mushrooms so much that we can’t imagine living without them!

Andi és Lajos

 Andrea & Lajos

The secret of our success is that what we do, we do with passion. 

Andrea, Alexandra és Réka

Dr. Lim siow Jin, the founder and the president of the DXN (Malaysia) – 2012

  Dr. Lim Siow Jin

Jane Yau, Executive Crown Diamond (Malaysia) – 2013 – Blog

  Jane Yau, Executive Crown Diamond (Malaysia)

László Kócsó (Hungary), DXN Crown Ambassador - 2013  Success Story

  Kócsó László - DXN Double Crown Diamond